Often times, people have many questions. I am always available and happy to answer them, but here is some basic information to answer the most common questions:

Puppies are all $1500. A $200 deposit will be requested to confirm your puppy purchase before you pick your puppy.

As a puppy purchaser, you are required to:
1) Please take a moment to download, read, and complete the contract below, which must be submitted with your deposit.
2) You must take your puppy to your Veterinarian within 3 days of adoption for examination. We must be notified of any negative findings immediately.
3) Provide preventative care to include, but not limited to: Vaccinations, de-worming, flea and tick prevention, heart worm prevention and any other treatment your Veterinarian recommends.
4) Provide your puppy with all the love and attention they need.
5) Exercise your puppy daily.
6) Feed your puppy high quality, healthy food, and keep water available at all times.
7) Have your puppy spayed or neutered at your veterinarians recommended age.
8) Your puppy needs regular grooming to include brushing several times a week. I recommend starting this early and being consistent with brushing. Your puppy might not like this at first but they will get accustomed to it. Your puppy will also need to be taken to a groomer for haircuts, shampoos and nail trimming.

Here are a few helpful downloads to get you started: