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My name is Ashley and I raise West Highland White Terriers, also know as “westies”. 

I have been an owner of the breed since childhood. My first westie was a girl named Pixie. As soon as my mom, brother, and I saw all the little white puppies with their pointy pink ears and dark features run up to the fence we knew we were hooked. I was blessed to have gotten another westie while I was in college. His name is Dusty. He has been with me through so many life changes and transitions; college, marriage, moving, having my daughter. Dusty and I have developed a very special bond over the years. So, when I had the opportunity to raise westies of my own I couldn’t pass it up.

My westies are raised on a farm in middle Tennessee about an hour and thirty minutes outside of Nashville. I feel like God has put me on this path because I have always had a passion for animals, especially westies. I do not have a large breeding operation, because I am dedicated to providing individualized attention and care to each of my westies and their babies. It is my ultimate goal to maintain and uphold the AKC breed standards for West Highland White Terriers.

Westies are a small yet stocky breed. They usually weigh between 13-25 pounds. They are minimal shedders that do great indoors, but love to run and romp outdoors as well. While they are small they are not fragile like some other small dogs. Even though all dogs have their own unique personalities, westies tend to be determined, loving, loyal, playful, and smart. They do not tend to be aggressive. In my experience they are usually good with kids and other animals.

For more information on my westies and their babies feel free to email or message me!

Ashley Earhart